• Course Description

    This three week workshop offers a comprehensive primer on the basics of video editing to get you off to the best start possible!

  • Schedule

    November 9, 16, 23 Mondays 3pm- 5:3 pm MT/5pm-7:30pm ET

  • Instructor

    Explain the value your additional content will bring to a student’s overall learning experience. Use this opportunity to sell potential students on the extra benefits your bonus material provides.

Course curriculum


Filmmaker - Instructor

Christopher Goode

Christopher Goode is a photographer and filmmaker by trade with over 7 years experience in the industry. In this time he's amassed an extensive portfolio of creative work in a range of styles from a career that's taken him to over 35 countries around the world. He holds a BFA in Film, Television and Media Production from the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia and now calls Denver, Colorado home. He specializes in editing video and is passionate about bringing creative visions to life. Click here to check out Chirs on IMDB